Cast Iron

Have you ever used cast iron skillets, dutch ovens or griddles? If so, what’s your opinion on them? If not, I think you should try one! I love my cast iron cookware!

I have never had a cast iron cookware lose a handle or become unusable. I like that they can be used on the stove, in the stove, on a barbeque grill or fire pit. The only problem I ever had was when I first started using them, I learned quickly that they don’t need the heat turned all the way up lol start out with low heat otherwise you’ll end up scrubbing burnt food out of the skillets for a long time. It’s very important to keep them seasoned as well and the more you use them the better they are.

Here are a few sites I have used for recipes that actually turned out great.

I have not tried making desserts in cast iron, I am not much of a baker or dessert chef. I have heard that they do work well for brownies and cakes of you’re into cooking that kind of stuff.

Every piece of cookware I use for stove cooking is cast iron except for a big stainless steel stock pot. I recommend you try at least one skillet. That way when you have to do cooking in the event you don’t have gas or electricity, you can take your cast iron that you are familiar with outside to the fire pit!


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