Popularity Points

There are countless people in cyberland who spend 12+ hours a day bouncing back and forth between social networks eager to be the one to post that magical post that will get 1K “likes” or “retweets”, not really caring how shallow the content is, just looking for that high of being the all mighty cyberland god. I am not one of those people.

I was asked a few minutes ago if I was looking for a huge following, and told that if I was, I needed to share articles, and write about things that the “people” want to see or read, otherwise, I am “never going to get a large fan base”. Well, (as I laugh), I am not a comic book character or a celebrity, so… no “fan base” needed. I most certainly have no interest in making screeching, man hating, feminist rants just to get a female “following”. I’d say there are more than enough white females with blogs and other social networking sites that have that covered. I also do not participate in political commentary, vetting, in-fighting, or any online pissing contests.

There are hundreds of females online who you can look to if you’d like some screeching debate, or have the urge to drool over some attention seeking female who has perfected the art of the duck face.

If I only succeed in reaching two people through what I’m doing, then so be it. Then that will be two people who know that they are not alone in this chaotic world. I have lived in six states and never fit in, I don’t mind a bit not fitting into cyberland. I prefer that I find quality in the people I may reach instead of just collecting a quantity  of people with no substance.

So, while some of my beliefs (or most of them) you may not agree with, know that I am a constant work in progress with a passion for our people and our children’s futures. If there is something I share about my beliefs or thoughts that you disagree with or don’t understand, please feel free to contact me and we can have an adult conversation about it, I may even learn something new, at the very least I will learn why you don’t agree.

My hope is that people will see that not all of the white females are running around in vagina costumes, emasculating men and wanting to gouge out the eyes of other white females. Some of us white women actually enjoy and are very proud of our role as white women.

Shortly after sharing with the public my Cover Our People With Love charity( https://evesdaughter14.wordpress.com/ ), I met several passionate racial sisters and brothers who are doing a great job within this cause, I look forward to meeting and forging bonds with many more sisters and brothers in the future.


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