Pro-life thoughts

I was asked to share my thoughts on my pro-life stance so here you go.


First of all, I am pro-White Life. I have no interest in what non-white women do with their bodies much less their children. I would actually prefer not to think about their bodies at all. This is my stance on my people’s future children.

I don’t believe in abortion for any situation regarding the conception of a white child with a white male and female being the biological parents . Yes, you read that correctly. Children conceived via rape, or incest involving white on white violation, still don’t deserve to be murdered in my opinion. Those children did nothing wrong and the woman who was violated can and should give that baby up for adoption if she feels incapable of raising it herself. If she can easily without conscience feel at peace with killing her offspring than she should have no problem handing the baby over to people who will love it and raise it as their own.

I have literally met females who use abortion as birth control. They are too lazy to either close their legs or use birth control so they don’t have the “burden” of children , so instead they just kill a baby a few times a year. That is completely disgusting to me and in my opinion those women should cease to exist. I have heard some Christian sermons saying that women are forgiven if they repent for having an abortion, maybe that is true and that is between God and that woman,but I truly find it hard to believe that the God I believe in, looks the other way while there are females having multiple abortions just because they can’t be bothered to take care of the children they make no attempt to prevent conceiving.

I have heard the excuse that white woman have “had” to have an abortion because they couldn’t “afford” another child. That excuse is ridiculous to me. I have never been above the financial poverty line, yet I managed to bring three sons into this world. Granted, they didn’t have iPhones as toddlers and they didn’t have $500 shoes but hey, they survived. Our ancestors had sometimes up to 12 kids and they sure weren’t billionaires, yet they managed to raise every child in their home. The idea that raising a child is millions of dollars is just the antis way of convincing our people to stop breeding. If our people, especially our women, stopped being so materialistic, they’d realize that they are giving up continuing their bloodlines which is the goal of our enemies, all so they can have the most up to date cellphone to post pictures of their over priced houses and vehicles. When they die, their mortgaged homes and leased vehicles will be all that is left of their ancestry.

Abortion is a Jewish business, let them abort their children. If you or someone you know is pregnant and not sure they can manage, help them find a reputable adoption agency. There is someone who will gladly raise that baby. Killing our children is never the answer and no matter the conception process, our children deserve a chance at life. A child born out of an undesirable situation can turn the ugly into something beautiful if you give the child a chance.

Our children are priceless gifts


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