Free to Stay at Home—A Woman’s Alternative

Marilee Horton, 1982, 173 pages 

“A Sunday evening church service based on Titus 2:3-5 brought Marilee to a difficult decision. She would resign her choice job as an executive secretary and become a full-time keeper-at-home. Her devotion to her new calling increased rapidly. This book, one of the results, is a persuasive document that can make the working wife, and certainly the working mother, uncomfortable.

Mrs. Horton is not the wife of a minister, which makes her presentation even more effective. She is convinced ” (and convincing) that the home, even if childless, runs more smoothly if the lady of the house is there a good part of the time. Quotes from other Christian women writers are used judiciously. A chapter by Marvin Horton is a gracious tribute to his wife.

This is a book to be read thoughtfully and considered carefully, whether or not the reader accepts the proposed alternative. ”

I actually found my copy of this at a thrift store for 15 cents, I thought it was an inspiring read as it lays out the positive aspects of the stay-at-home female role.

If you can’t find this at the library or on the internet in pdf (I so far have not found a free PDF version of this, if I do I will add the link), here is a link to it in various forms and prices on Amazon:



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