1 in 4 physicians…. are foreigners.

I was just listening to a news story and the reporter said that one in four physicians are foreign born. That is an outstanding statistic! If that is true, it means that the odds of our people having a white doctor is pretty slim. I myself, thanks to Obamacare, have a foreign doctor. Which means I do my best to avoid going to the doctor.

I found myself saying, after hearing that statistic, “it’s time for whites to become health care professionals again”. Now I know that the downfall would be being forced to treat nonwhite patients, but in a dream world, the white physicians would stand together and only treat their people. Let the blacks treat the blacks, the yellows treat the yellows, etc. They want that treatment with law enforcement so let’s give them the same with healthcare.

Here are a few articles I found regarding the invasion of nonwhites into the healthcare industry:




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