Jews, and Homos and Indians..Oh, My!!

So, my kids like to tell me that I am not “with the times”, that I’m “old and uncool”, which I imagine is something most kids think about their parents. However, I’m going to agree with their assessment that I am definitely not with the times.

I’m perplexed as to how our people can proclaim that they are white nationalists, fighting for the 14 words, shouting “White Pride” and “Proud to be racist!”, while supporting and cheering on men who are proud to have 10% Jewish ancestry, or men who are homosexuals, or men who are married to half-breeds. In my very uncool beliefs, one being that our people should not have relationships and breed with other races, second, that homosexuality is an abomination that contributes to the decline of our race, and third, that only people of pure white ancestry should be on our side of the battlefield… I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how these Jews, homos and race mixers ever got lifted up in so-called white racial movements.

I’m obviously so out of touch with the times that I also feel completely confused by these blonde haired, blue eyed people who go out of their way to shove a branch on their family tree and call it an Indian. I kid you not, I met a woman who said she had some Indian ancestry and when I asked her how she knew that, she said, “because my dad’s grandma always wore her hair in braids which is a Native Indian custom” if you all could have seen my facial expression for that one….. I myself wear braids in my hair and I am no Indian. Guess I’m using my white privilege to steal a hairstyle. Which is ridiculous because I know my female ancestors knew how to braid their hair before they ever had the displeasure of seeing North American indians.

While our people rally behind self admitted Jews, flamboyant disgusting homosexuals and race mixing degeneracy, I will be sticking to my very unhip beliefs, absolutely happy with not catching up to “modern times”. These “modern times” make me feel like I’m infinitely trapped in a Twighlight Zone episode.


6 thoughts on “Jews, and Homos and Indians..Oh, My!!

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