Thoughts from a sister..

“I know some do not like or agree with Trump some feel he is arrogant ect. But to be quite honest his arrogance is what has allowed many to regain a voice even if he did not do it on purpose he has given our folk some hope and put some fight back into those who once felt defeated. No one said he was going to be the savior of our folk that is all our JOB. A president will only ever be as good as those who stand behind him just as the country will only be as good as the person leading it. So when we see wrong we should be heard and we should be heard loud above all. No one can complain if they choose to remain silent and sitting. You want him to be great or at least try then it is us who have to clear that path to greatness to defend who and what we are to stand behind those who have given us those freedoms to do so. With out this no one will be heard. You want progress then we must pave the way for it. You want more then you must work for it. You want silence from our foes it is us who must hush them. It is us who should be louder than those we oppose. Work harder stand taller teach with conviction and never back down. Remain the folk we are and never back down even in the face of our enemy. I love my Race even those who do not agree but still want what is best for our folk. I will stand with my brothers and sisters no matter religion, patch or crew as long as they stand for our folk above all else. Thank you to those that continue to fight for me and my children as I will continue to fight for you and yours. Have a good week folk!”

This was written by Melissa D. of Stay Noble Kindred


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