Are You Protecting Sex Offenders?

Do you know that there is a pedophile on your street? Do you know about the convicted rapist that lives by the city park? If so, do your neighbors know too?

In every city, county, and state I move to, I make a point to check the Sex Offender Registry to be aware of where the degenerate perverts are, in an attempt to protect my children and my racial brothers and sisters. I have even in three separate cities, in two states, made fliers of the offenders crimes and information, and distributed them throughout the neighborhood, along with talking to the neighbors and communicating with law enforcement. Two of the offenders, I was successful in having removed from the neighborhood due to them violating their orders to not live with children and not live by a school or park.

You owe it to our children, to your fellow racial brothers and sisters to share any information you find on these rapists and pedophiles. If you do nothing, you are then choosing to protect the offender. Which makes you, a huge part of the problem.

We unfortunately cannot draw and quarter these monsters, so we have to push them out of our communities via any legal means possible.

To find out how many of these things are in your area, check out one or all of these links:

Be the one who saved one of ours from being violated.


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