North/South, Barren/Fertile

As if we don’t have enough infighting over religious beliefs, we also have the feud between North and South going on, along with the people who say our people who can’t breed are useless in the movement pitted against people who say that our barren folks, do serve a purpose. So, who is actually right, and how productive are these arguments?

From my perspective, none of it is productive and serves only to divide our people even more, which benefits only the liberal anti-white agenda.

I myself, am a “Yankee”, I was born in Detroit in 1978 and spent 31 years there, I have since lived in New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and now Arkansas. Should I be banned from the South because I am a “Yankee”? Should I be executed by a Southern nationalist because I’m on their soil? The same questions could be posed about the Southern whites who move North. Actually many people I grew up with were originally from the south. My paternal great grandfather came to the U.S. from Russia, went to Texas and then Detroit. I also have maternal roots which came from Europe, and landed in the South before moving to Maine. I myself didn’t fight in the civil war, so constantly being “bullied” for being a “Yankee” is quite ridiculous to me. I have never understood why southern whites find the need to insult me when I have never had anything negative to say about my southern brothers and sisters. Us Yankees and Southerners are going to have to fight side by side when shtf, so I’d say it’s time we put the divide between our geographical origins to rest. We sit around and unite wanting to fight for our brothers and sisters in the war zones of France, Germany, etc, yet we can’t even band together for our Northern and Southern brothers and sisters? That is very unproductive.

The other divide we seem to have are the battles over how obsolete a person is based on their ability to breed. I know men and women who have no biological children, yet they do great things for our people and alot of them are in positions of guiding our children which is, in my opinion, an important use of our people. I have three sons, however I can no longer breed, does that mean I am useless now? Or, do I become useless in 7 years when my youngest is 18? Whether you are a man or a woman, if you cannot produce biological children, in my opinion, you still serve a purpose.

All of this infighting needs to fizzle out if we are ever going to defeat the anti-white agenda. We are the only race squabbling over these things, wasting time. Aim your time in a more productive way so we can move forward. Our children are depending on us.


2 thoughts on “North/South, Barren/Fertile

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  2. Reblogged this on The ShieldWall Network and commented:
    I’m a Southerner proud to be married to a racially conscious White yankee girl. I have no biological children who have survived, but I am an equally proud adoptive father to a White daughter and stepfather to White sons. My wife wrote this article, which I wholeheartedly agree with.


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