I’m Whiter Than You!!

How many of you have been told that you need to “breed up or don’t breed at all!” Or maybe you have had someone tell you that you are a “low order white”?

Most likely if you are blonde haired and blue eyed, you have no idea what I’m talking about because you are the all mighty Nordic at the top of the line for our race. For the rest of us though, at some point in a racial discussion we get to hear that we’re not “white enough”.

In case some of you haven’t noticed, we have a large diversity of hair color and eye color combinations in our race. I think that is amazing about us and I personally wouldn’t change our diversity for anything. To me, it would be dull if we all looked the same.

Of course, I am a brunette and I have sons with dark hair, and with hazel eyes. So, I’m biased. However, I would not mind a bit if my sons had children with white, brown haired, hazel eyed females, that looked like them.

Here, again, maybe I’m just not hip to the modern times but I think arguing over who is the whitest of them all, is counter productive. We are all Europeans and we can argue over which hair color is more superior after we win. The Blacks and the Asians all have the same hair color, how visually satisfying is that?

Let’s take a break from screeching “I’m whiter than you are!” and focus on learning relevant skills, studying and preserving our culture (music, art, architecture, inventions, etc), keeping our bodies healthy and passing skills on to our future generations.

There will be plenty of time to argue about hair color, let’s win first.


One thought on “I’m Whiter Than You!!

  1. Europeans are different from us in terms of our distinctiveness. If you took away all the non-whites, I would imagine a Europe where all kinds of sub races deal with each other, stick mainly to their own, but sometimes intermix (Mediterranean would be just as keen to keep to their own as Nordics). That is not what happened in the colonies. We are mixed European. Most of us. I know I am. We are hybrids of all of Europe. We need to not look down on those who want to preserve their distinctiveness, but not feel anything less of ourselves for being mixed White. This is the only multiculturalism that is relevant. White multiculturalism.


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