Slavery Works

The McCarthy Chronicles

Slavery has been getting a pretty bum rap for the last 150 years or so. For most if not all of mankind’s existence slavery has been as alive and well as it is today and it is alive and well today. It will be alive and well long after we are gone  and like in the past and even today slavery spans all four corners of the globe (that’s right the earth isn’t just flat it’s a square). Regardless of the species, consistent behavior becomes an imprintable part of that creatures genes. If mankind has been under the yoke of slavery for its entire existence then being a slave must be considered what a human is, as with some insects where the male survives under complete servitude.

For many slavery can also be a much better option than say starving in the street. Food, shelter, clothing, maybe even a little…

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What is ‘The Roper Report’ podcast?

What is ‘The Roper Report’ podcast?

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Some people have asked me what kind of internet radio podcast program‘ The Roper Report’ will be on its debut return on April 20th, Hitler’s birthday, at 8 pm central time on Talkshoe, HERE. Will it be comedy or serious? Esoteric or timely and topical? The best way I can tell you what kind of news and political commentary I do on my podcasts is to ask you to listen to one of the past programs, such as this one. Throw in live callers and pretty uninhibited free-style red-pilling, and that’s ‘The Roper Report’. Take a hard right at the corner of every other podcast, and there we are, straight ahead. You can’t miss us. No, I mean, really, you can’t, or it’s a helicopter ride for ya!

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Pre-Existing Conditions, Physical Disabilities, and The Future of The American Healthcare System.

Pre-Existing Conditions, Physical Disabilities, and The Future of The American Healthcare System.

American Watchmen

I get the argument that it’s stupid for the government to pay for pre-existing conditions like obesity or others that are the results of poor life choices, but there are many Americans out there like me who have had a disability our entire lives through no fault of our own or a tragic accident. Insurance companies SHOULD NOT be allowed to deny someone in this situation who legitimately needs coverage. This is also the type of situation that Medicare/Medicaid benefits are intended for. Yet, I see many of my fellow conservatives throwing the baby out with the bath water on this issue. By all means, allow the free market to thrive but this is one area where the government and the free market should be able to work together to better the system.

Drug Addiction And Poor Diet Choices

Currently, both recreational drug addiction and poor diet choices are considered…

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So it’s come to this: A feminist is calling for female slavery

Remember The 14 Words

‘Sarrah Le Marquand, an Australian feminist and the editor-in-chief of “Stellar” magazine. In a piece penned for Sydney’s “Daily Telegraph,” Le Marquand argues that female parents of school-aged children should be legally required to enter the workforce and get a job.
That’s right: a philosophy that once demanded more rights for women now demands more restrictions. Men are free to work or to choose to stay home with their children. Women should be denied that choice, for the good of womankind. The ultimate goal of feminism is for women to have no choices except for those permitted them by society’s elites’

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