ADHD Is A Fraud

I myself have had to battle with school officials in the past who tried (and failed) to convince me that my sons had ADHD and needed medication. I have gone through that with every one of my sons when they were kindergarten to third grade ages. I pointed out that they were just being kids, boys at that and I was not going to turn them into zombies just so public school teachers didn’t have to “deal with” the reality of little kid behavior. Sure enough with each of my kids, by the time they reached fifth and sixth grades, there was no more talk about medicating them. My sons are not perfect (who is?) and they find trouble to get into sometimes but I don’t believe they have disorders that require pharmaceutical companies to control their behavior.

If you are ever in this type of situation, please remember that you have a right to refuse medicating your children. It’s your job to be an advocate for your children, your children do not belong to the government propaganda buildings (public school) or the doctors and psychologists.


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