Leftists Say There Are No Examples of Men Exploiting ‘Trans’ Laws to Harm Women. Here Are 9.

1. Citing transgender law, a man from Seattle claimed he was a transgender woman to gain access to a women’s locker-room at a public recreational center while little girls were changing for swim practice.

As noted by The Daily Wire last year, a Seattle man, on two different occasions, walked into a women’s locker-room and began undressing, citing the “new state rule that allows people to choose a bathroom based on gender identity.”

“It was a busy time at Evans Pool around 5:30 p.m. Monday February 8,” KING5 News reported. “The pool was open for lap swim. According to Seattle Parks and Recreation, a man wearing board shorts entered the women’s locker room and took off his shirt. Women alerted staff, who told the man to leave, but he said ‘the law has changed and I have a right to be here.’”

Adhering to the trans law, no one called the police on this man. He reportedly came back a second time when young girls were changing into their swimsuits for swim practice.

2. A sexual predator from Toronto claimed to be a transgender woman named “Jessica” in order to get access to a women’s shelter and their shower facilities. He was arrested and sentenced to jail for sexually assaulting several of the women in the shelter. 

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