Why So Much Hate!!!??

Every now and then I encounter someone who feels the need to try to make me understand that everyone is the “same” and my beliefs are “hateful” and even “pointless”. If you’ve been vocal about your beliefs at any time in your life, I’m sure you’ve met these types of people. I even had one tell me that there is “no where you can go that a non-white hasn’t moved to yet” so I should “just deal with it”, to which I say, “I know, it’s terrible, but I still believe we all should have our own separate communities”.

I have also been told that there are “better things to focus my time and energy on than race issues, such as economic problems, healthcare, education, housing, politics, hell focus on the environment!” Now, I agree that there are economic problems, etc, however, can anyone tell me what the root of those problems are? Don’t everyone raise your hand at once now…… Yes, you in the front row!….. You are correct!… The root of these problems is RACIAL. Now of course it’s not just one race that causes these problems but for example, I saw a news story recently about a city that is getting a lot of complaints because they will not fix water fountains, equipment, and bathrooms at a public park, to which the official that was interviewed said, “We have fixed issues multiple times only to have these things destroyed shortly after they are fixed, there comes a time when it’s a waste of money to bother with upkeep in an area that keeps getting destroyed”, yes, folks.. the destroyers of that particular property were “youths”. We have seen what happens when we build apartment complexes, or “public housing”, within a year it’s destroyed and looks like a third world country.

Look up the demographics in countries, even cities, with high crime rates. I don’t have to tell you to look at all the other problems and show me the root of the problems. We, whites, are not exempt, we too are part of the problem because we have allowed things to get to this point. Anyways, I digress.

To the question of why I’m “filled with so much hate?” My response is, “I’m not”, quite honestly I don’t sit around wasting my thoughts on non-whites and hatred. There are times I have feelings of disgust towards them but like anything that I have low expectations of, I am not consumed by what non-whites are doing. I am much more concerned with what my own people are doing. Just as I care more about what my own sons are doing, than what your sons are doing, I care much more about the future of my people than I care about the future of non-whites.

I KNOW that we are not “all the same”, science proves that in many different ways.

While people wonder why I’m racist, I wonder why those people are not. Why wouldn’t you want to preserve your racial DNA? Why wouldn’t you want your kids to look like you? Why wouldn’t you want a spouse that comes from the same racial and cultural background? Why wouldn’t you want to see your race succeed? Why wouldn’t you be proud of the accomplishments of your ancestors? Why wouldn’t you want your racial culture to be carried on in future generations?  Why wouldn’t you want communities full of your own race? Now when those questions are applied to other races, it’s acceptable, while applied to us.. it’s “hateful” and “racist”. Well, if you find the need to name call and resort to middle school tactics, that’s fine because I never have cared about being called names, matter-of-fact, I don’t think there’s anymore “bully words” left to be thrown at me. While you hold onto your belief that I’m a walking bundle of hate, I’ll hold on to my beliefs, knowing that I am full of love for my racial brothers and sisters and I want nothing but success for my race.

I am against anything that stands in the way of progress and success for my people. If that’s “hateful” and “racist”, so be it.



12 thoughts on “Why So Much Hate!!!??

  1. Absolutely wonderful, perfect article which I and I am sure so many totally agree. Sadly, it seems there will always be “hate” in the world just like there will always be Satan in the world. Wise and true advice as I too do not let hatred define me but of course keep informed about the world. Like Tina, I have so many positive and excellent interests that I refuse to let scum ever interfere with me, my family and my friends working to make life even better.
    As always Tina, thank you for all you do and just being a great person.
    God bless, be well,

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  3. A good article and of course, I agree with you completely. The list of questions you set forth at the end, are well worth committing to memory by way of paraphrasing, Actually, I think most people have never thought about them, and as we all know, to ask a question is already expand the mind; by bringing to ones awareness the need for an answer. This answer, for all intents and purposes,, exists in limbo land for many, as they go about their somnambulistic day. Cheers The Reich Was Right!!!

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