When it comes to Homosexuals, do you side with Washington or Jefferson?

The Roper Report

Our first President, and the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army who won our freedom as a nation, George Washington, favored execution as the proper punishment for homosexuality, and carried out that judgement and sentence with conviction.

Our third President, and the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, also wrote a bill, his proposing castration as the punishment for homosexuality while he was governor of Virginia. All of the other Founding Fathers generally fell into one of those two camps. NONE of them thought that special allowances should be made for homosexuals who were sufficiently patriotic, not even in the most desperate times when the success of their struggle seemed unlikely. None of them suggested building a broader coalition by being more welcoming to faggots. Nobody used the term “purity spiraling”. If anyone suggested a special zone or district for homosexuals, it would have been unanimously…

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