Who Rules America: Donald Trump or the Jews?

Stop White Genocide.

Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon Feb 17, 2017

Obama Trump Soros

Or are the two other men in the picture the real villains?
To find out, read this article.

“Less than a month into his presidency,” Steven Glover writes in the Daily Mail, “Donald Trump’s enemies are already scenting blood. They hope they have got him on the run…”
Yes, Trump certainly has his enemies, plenty of them, gunning to get him. Will he survive their onslaught? The way things stand, it’s touch and go.
Only time will tell if the new Potus is a good guy or a bad guy. Right now, he’s sending out mixed signals. There’s doubt.
Let me set the scene by starting with a quote from a recent article in Breitbart News, a strongly pro-Trump website. This indicates that Trump is not being allowed to rule America in the interests of…

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