23andme says I’m….

“European 99.8%
Northwestern European 76.8%
   French & German 27.8%
   British & Irish 16.8%
   Scandinavian 3.2%
   Broadly Northwestern European 29.2%
Eastern European 12.0%
Southern European 5.9%
   Italian 2.5%
   Balkan 1.0%
   Broadly Southern European 2.4%
Broadly European 5.1%
Unassigned< 0.2%”
I’m aware that most people put no stock in these DNA tests, especially since 23andme subscribe to the “out of Africa” theory, however, since my sons occasionally check out my blog, I thought they might have some interest in this as I cannot provide them with a meaningful family tree from my maternal bloodline.

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