Sisters, Come together..



One thing I continually hear from other women in this movement is, “I feel alone”.

I understand completely how these women feel. I have moments myself where I feel isolated and wish I had female companionship like the liberal females all seem to have. I often wonder where all the females are in this movement that is dominated by men. It seems the only way to form female friendships that share in my beliefs is to find them online, and even then it’s difficult because it’s rare to find females willing to use their real names and share their real life stories, as if their lives might destruct if they gave personal information. How sad that is to me that our women are so distrustful they can’t even form and maintain friendships.

Most of us females have lost family and so called friends because of our beliefs, some of us have lost children, spouses, jobs, housing. Some of us have tried to form female friendships within organizations  and then for one reason or another, stop being a member of an organization which results in the female who leaves, being “shunned” by females who claimed to be their friends.

There was a time in our culture when women helped each other, they assisted in each others childbirth, they stepped in and helped with each others children and households, they gathered in sewing circles, they shared recipes, they supported eachother, they learned from each other. Yes, times have unfortunately changed.

Regardless of whose “fault” it is that we women have isolated ourselves, we need to correct that and come together, not only do we need the support of each other but we need to maintain these friendships and reach out to our sisters who need our help.

While most of us live far away from each other, we can support each other through email and even snail mail until we can gather in person. You are not alone my sisters, step out from your self imposed isolation and reach out.


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