Are you obese? I am, but not for long!

Yes, I am a female and I’m discussing my weight. Gasp! So uncool. Shrug. Oh well.

I am five foot tall and currently weigh 165, that is obese and in my opinion, unacceptable. I am constantly told that I “carry the weight well” , well, great effort in trying to be nice, but that is unnecessary. If I “carried it well” , my LDL cholesterol would not be 178, I would not have constant respiratory problems and I would not have constant joint problems.

In 2011 I became aware of thyroid and cholesterol issues, besides getting sober I changed my diet habits and my exercise efforts and within six months my levels were all perfectly normal. So what happened? How did I get to this point?

Well, since being in Arkansas, I have had chronic bronchitis, several bouts of pneumonia and double shoulder surgery, and several severe allergic reactions(and let’s now not forget the choking incident, sigh), all of these things have consistently required the use of prednisone, antibiotics, other forms of steroids. After awhile of constantly dealing with these issues I became depressed and lazy and lacked the support(people I worked with had no interest in health, I have no physical friendships in my area who are interested in health, etc) to staying on a healthy  diet and exercise routine. So, now I’m back to starting over, and sharing this with you, will help hold me accountable for staying on task of my goal to getting back to my healthy weight  and self.

I invite you to join me on the road to a healthier body and mind, for if we’re not healthy, why would our children want to be making healthy choices?

Let’s practice what we preach and show our kids how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Spouses may love you even if you’re 500 pounds but when you’re dead  due to complications from obesity, they will only be able to love your headstone. Love your family enough to stick around and enjoy them in a healthy body, with a healthy mind.


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