Legalising #Pedofiles coming to the UK

The Hungry Rabbit

Following my previous post regarding the legalising of pedofilia by the progressive liberals – The real horror of progressive liberalism – legalising #pedofiles – Today the UK is subject to an enormous press release across all media platforms informing the general public that there is such a thing as ‘low risk’ pedofiles who should not be prosecuted for viewing child pornography.

Paedophiles who pose low risk ‘should be given helplines instead of jail time’

What they are not saying:

  • porn is the ‘gateway drug’ – that in most cases those that started viewing child porn, resulted in acting out their fantasies – it is far easier to rape a child than an adult.
  • that if viewing child porn is not a crime then sexualising children is not a crime – aka children can now be used as sexual objects

Just last week it was made public that the Pope was not…

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