White Genocide


For decades, millions of non-whites have been pouring into all and only white countries, disguised as “diversity”, “migrants”, “refugees”, and “oppressed minorities” by the media, who at the same time have been relentlessly pushing feminist ideals to destroy the strong, traditional white family, while immigrants have up to 10 kids paid by our taxes. Traitor politicians are responsible for creating conditions in 3rd world countries that drives the migration because they have to import big government dependant voters to win elections. Will white countries be a thing of the past? We are now predicted to be the MINORITY in virtually every country on earth in the coming decades, and many of our cities are already 3rd world ghettos. If white europeans were in the process of replacing e.g. Mexicans in their own country, the world would call it genocide, but when it happens to us whites, it’s “diversity”? The great…

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