Our culture, our bloodline, is worth fighting for

What are you fighting for if you’re not preserving our culture? Our People are descendants of explorers, inventors, architects, farmers, artists, miners, ranchers, fishermen, hunters, poets, musicians, composers, wood workers, philosophers, seamstress’, chefs, cobblers, millers, clock makers, printers, authors, ship builders, navigators, scientists, astronomers, surgeons, mechanics, doctors, pioneers, rulers, and warriors. We have discovered, conquered and built countries, and for what? So you can stare mindlessly at shallow posts on the internet? So you can waste your time constantly staring at the television?

Our future generations don’t even know the majority of our people’s contributions to the world, much less the skills that our descendants found important to teach and pass on to the next generation. Blame it on the public education system all you want, but ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to teach your children about our culture and history. If your children or the people around you are ignorant of these things, and you posses the knowledge, it is your failure to pass on your knowledge that adds to their ignorance.

Our people went from being warriors defending their homes to being a people who run away in flocks from ONE non-white with a blade. It’s no surprise that we are being killed off by the hundreds, what are we doing to show the enemies that we are a force to be reckoned with? Absolutely nothing. While they are training and infiltrating our countries, we are sitting around staring at the t.v. and Facebook. While they are sending their children off to schools and camps to learn their culture and skills of their people, we are telling our kids to go play video games or watch t.v.

It’s sad to me, that our young people not only have no idea what is happening to our people right now but they also have no idea what blood runs through their veins, they have no sense of their culture and how to carry on our people’s skills and traditions. They have no idea how to defend themselves even.

We do not carry within us, the blood of a beaten down ignorant people so stop acting like we do. We are warriors and I expect my people to start acting as such. If you have no interest in being productive and teaching the next generation of their culture and standing up to all that threatens our people, then I propose you stop posting memes against white genocide and go find something else to feed your role play fetish.

Let’s physically show our future generations that we LIVE the 14 words, because we are warriors and we follow through on our oaths. Prove to the world that our culture and our bloodlines are worth fighting for.


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