Got Time?

It seems that many of our people have some free time on their hands, maybe too much free time. Time being spent staring at computer monitors and cell phone screens, waiting for the newest cyber drama, hoping to get in a good keyboard argument. What if, instead of throwing in their two cents on who farted first and where, people used their time staring at screens to actually learn something and add to their life skills or learn a creative hobby that could be passed on to their descendants, you know, like in the olden days when girls learned sewing, cooking, homemaking skills from the women role models in their lives and boys learned home improvement skills, automotive skills, and provider skills from the male role models in their lives?

I know, I know, it’s not the 1950’s anymore as people keep reminding me…(and what a shame that is). So, since it’s 2017, and people are hellbent on staring at devices… how about they use the technology in a productive way to gain some skills they can pass on?

I myself use the internet constantly as a learning tool, everything I do and know is self taught(I graduated from East Detroit High School, need I say more?). Matter of fact, just this last year I have taught myself loomknitting, crochet and weaving on a loom. I’m currently working on learning how to use a sewing machine (my goal is to make my own skirts, being 5 foot tall makes it hard to find skirts that aren’t trailing a block behind me). I’m also working on an online math curriculum, my math knowledge is terrible(I’m at 3rd grade math level, thanks East Detroit High School👏), so my goal is to complete the curriculum at least through a 12th grade level. As a just for fun I’ve also been toying with the idea of learning how to play the harmonica, I’d really like to play the harp but a harmonica is much cheaper lol.

So, if you or someone you know is suffering from way too much free time, I’ve taken some time to find some free sites to kickstart people into adding something productive to all that free time.


If you know of any other free websites that would be useful additions to that list, please add them in comments. Let’s work on skills we can pass on to the next generation.


2 thoughts on “Got Time?

  1. Sister people just don’t care like they should. It’s strange because everyone says they are aware everyone says they are angry everyone says they wanna help and promote but when it comes down to it maybe 15% get involved hands on. You know everyone says I wish I could get stuff from your store but I just don’t have the money… But when I give people the opportunity to not only get what ever they want and help a family in need and I mean a family in serious need of help from their folk for a 5$ donation to help a child who is I’ll wouldn’t you know it but I’ve not sold one ticket for Peyton’s Raffle. It makes me sad. It really does just like Political Prisoners everyone wants to stand behind them and hold them up as Hero’s. And go on and on about how much they have sacrificed. But people won’t even sacrifice for those raffle either then wanna jump on a keyboard and say how horrible it is that they are behind bars. Well help do something about it .even if it’s not a donation pick up a pen and take the time to ask your Hero’s what you can do to help. Too busy trying top-right off our own or make names for themselves stepping on the ones actually trying to make a difference who put their all and a little bit extra in. To busy bickering over drama and who’s looking or maybe looking. Everyone’s mad at antifa but nobody sits down to think of how to get them stopped. I hate them for what they stand for but you can’t hate them for there ability to act and stand together. Our enemies have one thing we do not and that’s the dedication, the desire, and the drive the come together and be heard. While our folk sit back and bitch about it. We can’t even agree to disagree. As a whole . I know many who spend everyday fighting but fighting it one at a time makes it a dream. Until everyone starts living what they type it won’t become reality.

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    • I understand completely and agree with you that this can be very frustrating. While the internet provides a means for us to interact and share the truths, it has also made our people lazy and self absorbed. I’m thankful for the handful of people that are physically doing things in real life to help our people move forward.

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