You Know That Feelings,                             

Softer Side Of The Movement

I spent my weekend pretty quiet and extremely disappointed. You know that feeling of wanting to give up…. well I’m there. I’m tiered and what’s the point, everyone says they wanna help but when people ring those bells or call those meeting protests groups what ever it may be we are basically left with a small group of maybe a dozen. Or no one follows through. Everything I do somehow goes back to our movement but I’m killing myself for what? For others to talk shit, for others to try and take away what I’ve worked so hard to build, not for me but for those I do it for like sick kids and political prisoners families in need ect. I sure don’t do it for the money because everything I do goes to some fundraiser or charity in this movement. I don’t have a new house my husband and…

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One thought on “You Know That Feelings,                             

  1. I am having trouble leaving comments on your blog, Sister, so I will comment here. You said it perfectly. It does get so discouraging, all the infighting and the inability to find quality people. I think we should just keep doing all we can as individuals for the betterment of our people. Thank you for everything you do. You are doing the right thing and it is very appreciated.

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