Women and Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Propaganda and Women


How did Nazi Propaganda attract women during the Nazi reign?

Thesis Statement:

Nazi propaganda, that was aimed towards younger women, was extremely effective at appealing to the German women’s emotions. Nazi Propaganda attracted young German Women by making them believe that they were the “mothers” of the German nation. Nazi propaganda also appealed to women because it gave them a certain sense of independence and allowed them to be the “up-bringers” of the new government and national sense of identity that the Nazi regime was attempting to put in place.  The Nazis held mass speeches and produced infinite propaganda that was directed towards the German women. Altogether, though the Nazis held women in a lower opinion, the Nazis gave the women of Germany a sense of belonging to the new Nazi government.

Project Goal:

Our goal is to examine multiple sources, both primary and secondary, to give the site…

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3 thoughts on “Women and Nazi Propaganda

  1. Of course throughout history the war victors get to rewrite history. What is forgotten is that during a global financial crisis and Germany suffering from an unfair war reparations burden the National Socialists (Nazis) came to power and did many wonderful things for Germans and the world. They created the first kindergarten, had wonderful support for families having children and a terrific program for single pregnant women Lebensborn, created the Volkswagen and Autobahn that eventually became America’s Interstate Highway System, amazing technological advances like the first jet plane and rocket research that led to NASA with Wernher von Braun and Nazi scientists who were the foundation of NASA successes. There is no end to all the good that Hitler and the Nazis did but that is what happens when you lose the war.

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