Schloss Birlinghoven


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Birlinghoven Castle is a unique monument of cultural history from the period around the turn of the century. It is one of the few residential castles erected especially to house an art collection.

As in other 19th century structures, a key feature here is the combination of various elements from historical architecture, sculpture, arts and crafts to make one complete work of art.

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In the Middle Ages, the Birlinghoven seat was a two-part moated castle located in the Lauterbach valley before the mouth of the Pleisbach. Shortly after 1900, a residence was built in place of the manor house on an island. One of the two post-medieval wing structures of the gatehouse was extended in the 19th century. The new Birlinghoven Castle was designed after the fashion of an English country mansion in the years 1900 to 1902. It was erected above the old castle in a commanding position, with…

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