WTF Ladies? Has MGTOW totally destroyed you?

The McCarthy Chronicles


Ok so men don’t want you anymore. I get that. Really I do. Besides what did you really expect. Right now I’m talking to the mothers and grandmothers who did this to their daughters. You made being with women miserable for men. At some point the camels back was going to break. So you hate men and you demand …. well whatever …. and now your daughters are raping school children because adult men want nothing to do with them. Well done.

We aren’t talking lower class women here either. Just about every month another female school teacher is caught doing the nasty with children. These are middle class college educated women. These are women who wear pink pussy hats, call themselves victims, and probably don’t spend their Sundays going to church. Imagine how many of these female school teachers are doing the exact same thing and never getting caught…

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