Check Mate – White Woman Puts Black Women In Their Place Once Again

Afro Futurism

Exhibit A: It seems that white women are beginning to grow tired of black women, black women’s repeated attempts to imitate white women have not gone unnoticed by them and white women are now…

Source: Check Mate – White Woman Puts Black Women In Their Place Once Again

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17 thoughts on “Check Mate – White Woman Puts Black Women In Their Place Once Again

  1. Sadly, these are the ones raised by black single mothers and grew up in households full of nothing but loudmouth women who constantly had “boyfriends” coming in and out of the house.

    I would have tons of children with a white or Asian wife lol.


  2. @TinaRoeper14

    You’d thin, but this is not a very logical group of people. There is actually a common fetish amongst the few black woman/white man pairings called “race play”, where the white men calls the black woman various racial slurs while forcibly having degrading sex. That’s the extent of their jealousy and low self esteem.

    Hate to be graphic, especially to a lady, but that is honestly what happens.

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    • I’ve heard worse, it’s ok lol I guess I had no idea that they had so much self hatred. With all the “strong black women” and ” African queen ” comments one thinks they believe they are top of the animal kingdom.

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      • Lol nope. That’s why they hate seeing us with non black women. They know that we’re the only ones who really date them.

        They will once again only attempt to even act like some semblance of feminine when “courting” their white god.

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  3. I have observed two types of Black women where I live. The “ghetto types” engage in the loudest, most disgusting behavior in front of Whites. They enjoy trying to make us as uncomfortable as they can. The ones who do emulate the White women then act as if they are superior to us, always being arrogant and obnoxious. Just saying.

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    • Black women only emulate white women and attempt to seemingly have normal interests and dispositions to get white men. They hate black men and children because they remind them of their own blackness, and hate white women because they’re jealous of them.

      Black women want nothing more than to simply be used for sex reasons by white men and impregnated with mixed babies with “good hair”.

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      • I have lived in a suburb of “Blacklanta” for years, and I have never once seen a Black woman with a White man or a Black woman with mulatto babies. They know they have the power here, so they stick together and lord it over us. You will see Black men with White women, but they tend to be rejected by both communities.

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      • Here, white guys with Asian women seem to be more common of the non-white female choice. white women mostly are with the black guys most places.

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      • Black women LUST after white and other non black men all day. They actually write interracial sex novels by the thousands, even though they’re the least sought after group.


      • I don’t interact with non-white females so I didn’t know that. Do they have they lust because they think they can control the white man or because they think it’s something exotic? You would think they would prefer to stick with their own men considering the slavery resentment most blacks seem to hold onto.

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      • lol honestly, there’s droves of history to go into, but they actually think for one thing that white women tanning and getting in shape is white women trying to look like black women. They don’t realize that they are really only desired by black men and deemed very unattractive elsewhere. There was a study a few years back that was very controversial due to it explaining his due to higher testosterone how black Women are the least feminine group of women. They really believe that they are desired, namely by white men. They have a deep jealousy of white women and think that they can replace white women as the white man’s queen. They don’t even realize that before them, waaaay before, white men will turn to the aforementioned Asian women for interracial love. lol

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      • I actually have asked a white man who admitted to sleeping with a black female, why he did it, and he said he thought it would be amusing to make her call him “master”. Maybe if black women heard that they’d be less turned on lol
        They are very masculine and loud, almost animalistic. You’d think they’d try to figure out how to control themselves in an effort to be attractive.

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