What’s So Great About “Good Friday”?

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Why is it called “Good Friday”? Well, today is the day when we Christians celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Imagine more modern religious followers whose Messiah had been executed by the state wearing a little guillotine or an electric chair around their necks, right? It may seem strange to celebrate the whipping, beating, insulting, and execution by being nailed up and  left to asphyxiate in the hot sun of your Savior, but it’s called “Good Friday” because the story doesn’t end there. After being entombed, Jesus rose again from the dead on the day which we celebrate as Easter, having conquered not only death, but all of our sins which he took upon his shoulders so that we, too, could have eternal life, if we ask for it. We call it “Good Friday” because without His death, there could be no salvation. Similarly, the often agonizing…

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