Ladies, Where Do You Find The Time?

Over the last few years, I have noticed an increase in females posting on the internet about how important the role of a mother and a wife are. Some of these women go so far as to cyber attack other women for not being as “good” as they are at their role. To that, I would like to point out that some of these women acting as an authority on motherhood, wife duties and traditionalism, have two to eight children. Some of them even homeschool and verbally assault all those who do not homeschool. Now, if you look closely at these holier than thou women, you will see that they make internet posts at the very least, every half hour. Some, make posts every thirty seconds.

I, myself, homeschooled three sons at one time and while doing so, hardly found the time to check my email, much less make a Facebook post, a tweet or a YouTube video. Call me a terrible person at utilizing time, but after homeschooling three kids, cooking, cleaning, running errands, yard work, etc, I didn’t see verbally assaulting other females online as something to throw on my to do list. I also didn’t have time to spend detailing all the reasons I thought women should be more like me. I did occasionally find the time to help other women solve their problems and figure out how to obtain skills and information that would help them reach their goals.

I don’t know how these women find the time to actually mother, and fulfill the roles they preach about while obviously being online all day, especially having multiple children. I know housewives who have no children in the home (their children are adults), and they only find about an hour a day to sit online because they are physically taking care of their home and have useful in-real-life hobbies and interests.

So, I would like to know how these ladies find so much time to spend online in between their real life duties, or are the children, household and husband, being neglected for the sake of the Internet?



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