Racist Easter Eggs Cause Panic

The Roper Report

“Alert the media! Call the police! Call the Mayor!

Somebody doesn’t want to see their race become extinct!”

That seems to have been the reaction this week when pro-White Easter eggs were found in a park in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I’d like to thank the anti-White media for quoting the contents of the eggs verbatim, thus exponentially amplifying the reach of the message. Your check is in the mail.

Racist literature distributed in Hickory Park

“Mysterious plastic Easter eggs discovered Wednesday afternoon at Hickory Park in Mountain Home definitely didn’t come from the Easter Bunny.

A visitor to the park found four plastic Easter eggs, which included multiple pieces of racist literature. Bulletin personnel visited the park and found four more eggs before alerting the Mountain Home Police Department and the office of Mountain Home Mayor Joe Dillard.

The egg delivered to The Bulletin contained a strip of paper declaring…

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