Letting Go

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 I do not get very personal with my posts or on my blog but today is going to be very different. I sat off and on all night fighting with my tears and heart and accepting letting someone go. This wasn’t someone I’ll that I love who has passed or some hate crime or some random accident that took a life.

 .    This was saying goodbye and walking away from a sister who I’ve been in the dirt with who has reached down to pick me up and who I have picked up. She was someone I always thought. Would never sway never change and never give in. Someone whom I know would have died defending her beliefs she has carried for over 20 years. Someone I have seen stand in a crowd of one for what she believes. She has suffered loss and remained true through…

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2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. An interesting story but wish she had clarified the facts better. My personal view is that everyone has to make choices in life and should do so with their conscience, heart and knowledge. It is 2017 but since the dawn of time humans have been quite tribal and while most people can have friends and associates from all backgrounds marriage and child bearing is a special situation. Around the world people of all races, cultures, religions etc. prefer their children and family members marry within their own group. This is especially critical when having children as most who have children outside their own groups have found it difficult in life. Just a thought and look forward to others opinion.

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    • This is a friend of many years to me she was a white nationalist. She began dating a guy who we found out is what is called her a Brow Pride Southsider. A gang Banger who is white now in a non white Gang. There is no excuse for his ignorance and as i attempted to explain to her, when this country is fully upside down on its head and race is the fight which way is he going to go? Because he can not have it both ways They will turn on him and then on them all she has put her beautiful children in the hands of the enemy. There Father before he died was a proud white nationalist as well. Does that explain my sadness better i was very upset when i wrote this.

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