What do your children do?

There are countless articles about children who basically live online, so I was interested in what your kids do, when not attached to a device.

I only have one son left at home, and being the youngest of three sons, he really wasn’t made to be an only child lol, he is an extreme extrovert and loves socializing and being a part of something that involves people. So, I’m always on the lookout for local activities that he can participate in. He cannot play team sports such as football, basketball, etc, because he has respiratory issues, (He was on life support three times as an infant/toddler and has a pretty severe case of asthma now, it doesn’t take much for him to have coughing fits), though he does love his trampoline, as any of you know that has participated in team sports, the practices can be pretty taxing on a healthy respiratory system, much less one with difficulties,so, I have found that 4H clubs are perfect in fulfilling his desire to be a part of something, and the clubs also include relevant life skills.

If you have a 4H in your area, you should check it out! It’s also a great way for us adults to meet other adults in our communities, so it’s a win-win.

In the past I also had my kids participate in local public library events, however there doesn’t seem to be much of those in this city.

I go outside with him and play horseshoes in the yard, and we regularly try to find local events and new hiking trails, or even just going to the local park, to detach him from technology whenever possible.

Our kids need things to do rather than wasting their lives away online.

What are some things you do with your kids to get them offline? I’m always looking for new things to do with my 11year old so I’m interested in your activities.


One thought on “What do your children do?

  1. This is an excellent commentary as we venture into the brave new world of high technology. I have enjoyed the study of history since I was a boy and have often stated that the invention of the computer/PC/internet is the greatest advance to humanity since the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel. Of course all new knowledge is a double edge sword with both good and bad. Some people have become too absorbed with the internet, media etc. and this is dangerous to the future because some are losing touch with community, family and reality. Like all new technology we have to learn to use it with responsibility and wisdom. Fortunately my daughter and granddaughter have a pretty healthy attitude towards the net but that could always change. I feel for all parents who have to deal with this critical issue in 2017 and beyond. Wish you all good luck.

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