Talkshoe begins anti-White censorship.

The Roper Report

Many politically incorrect internet podcasts use Talkshoe. Now, that will have to change. Eventually, Whites will have to acquire our own servers and internet radio software and recording and broadcasting hardware. Or, we could just take this show offline and get real about it. Either way. Of course, The Roper Report (TRR) does not use Talkshoe, having dodged that bullet. We are on Youtube, instead, HERE, riding that horse until it’s shot out from under us. This is the e-mail which Talkshoe sent out to its users.


TalkShoe greatly values your membership and continued use of our service, and we wish to bring your attention to an important upcoming policy review.

These changes center on a new, stronger attention to policies on content ‘including text, visuals, and audio.’ 

As web leaders, Google and Facebook have recently taken a leadership position on offensive content, and we have made the decision…

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