Dreaming of Ireland – Come along on my imaginary tour!

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Ireland seems to be on everyone’s “short list” lately, and with good reason!  It is absolutely gorgeous, the people are warm and friendly, our exchange rate is favorable, and there  isn’t a language barrier (for us English speaking folks). There is so much available to explore: culture, history, nature and (for my husband) golf!   Here is my list of must-see places for when the Mr and I finally get around to taking this trip.  They may appeal to you as well!

I will start in Northern Ireland, assuming a flight arriving into Belfast:

  1. Belfast– There is a major airport here, so it seems as good a place as any to begin.  Here, you can find the Titanic Museum, which is an extremely popular new museum, so it will be wise to visit early or late in the day and to buy tickets ahead on-line.

    titanic-belfast1 photo from titanicuniverse.com

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Ireland – Come along on my imaginary tour!

  1. This is my dream trip as my family came from Northern Ireland. Would love to see the ground where Jesus and Joseph of Arimethea walked.

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