Liberal White reporter forced to resign after black man called her a ‘news n***a’ and she took it as a joke

The Roper Report

Liberal White Reporter, trying to get a White cop into trouble for punching a black person, instead loses her job for bantering with a nigger. Now, THAT’S news:

“A reporter, and mother of two, from Atlanta, Georgia found herself out of work after she used the ‘N word’ while communicating with a black man for a story.

The communication posted online by the man, Curtis Rivers, to shame her showed that Rivers used the word first and the anchor, Valerie Hoff, 54, used it back in jest.

Hoff was attempting to obtain video footage from the man in mid-April for a story about a white police officer that punched a black man in the face during a traffic stop.

Hoff told Rivers that the victim “deserves justice” but that didn’t matter because Rivers, and social media, decided she was a racist by then.

It started when Rivers told Hoff that…

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