Schloss Körtlinghausen


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Schloss Körtlinghausen is a Baroque Schloss (château) in Germany‘s Sauerland region, roughly equidistant between Dortmund and Kassel. It is sited on the southern bank of the River Glenne and it is surrounded by a moat.

Beyond the moat it one of the country’s largest and oldest Oak trees, which is more than a thousand years old. The circumference of the trunk just above ground level is 12.4 m (41 ft).

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The first documented mention of a castle on the site dates from 1398.

The current château replaced an earlier previous moated fortress. The manor belonged to the von Schorlemer and the von Rüdenberg families till 1447 when it was acquired by the von Lürwalds. They were followed by the von Hanxleden who were in their turn succeeded by the von Westrems in 1614. Between 1645 and 1819 it belonged to the von Weichs family.

In 1714 Franz Otto von…

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