What the MacArthur Amendment Means for People with Type 1 Diabetes



10 thoughts on “What the MacArthur Amendment Means for People with Type 1 Diabetes

  1. They keep saying those with pre-existing conditions will be covered, but it doesn’t do much good if we can’t afford the coverage.


    • I have heard that Arkansas is going to make some changes to the state insurance (Medicaid) requiring people to be in a Work First type program in the hopes they will find a job and get insurance through their employer instead of being on Medicaid. I imagine most people will end up cut off insurance in the long run because they either wont find work or they won’t be able to afford the employer based insurance.


      • I keep reading that more employers are hiring part-time only so they won’t have to provide health insurance due to the cost. Our system is hard on everyone except the healthy and wealthy.


      • I worked at Wal-Mart 2014-2016 and they had me on paper as a part time employee but I worked full time hours, except one week every four weeks I’d be cut to 20-25 hrs so they wouldn’t be required to bump me to full time status. To make sure I didn’t qualify for the insurance. Which I couldn’t have afforded anyway.


      • Oh, wow. The big employers always seem to find a way around it. I had one employer give me money to go find my own health insurance because he didn’t want me on the company’s policy.


  2. I just read that the House has passed the latest health care bill. We’ll see what happens in the Senate.


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