Gaslighting the White Race


The last couple of weeks I have been looking at various articles and videos about narcissistic personality disorder.

Last night I had a dream where the idea came to me that the White Race, if it were a person, is a person who is being effectively “gaslighted” by a pathological narcissist.

People who have this disorder are cold and calculating.  They appear charismatic to other people and pretend to be interested and enthusiastic about what others are doing, when they are honing in on a victim to exploit.

They first charm their victim, then by degrees calculatedly make their victim feel that they themselves are bad and worthless and guilty.  The victim ends up with Stockholm syndrome – which is named after a situation in which some people were taken hostage in Stockholm, Sweden and ended up genuinely wanting to defend their abusive kidnappers from prosecution.

It has been said…

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