Community Care: ‘Liberation of Children to Enjoy Their Natural Sexuality’

Heathen Women

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) was an advocacy group for child and paedophile “liberation” that operated openly throughout the seventies and eighties in Britain. As the name suggests, paedophiles openly campaigned for the rights of themselves and children to have sexually intimate relationships, whilst being able to find each other easily, and support one another. The magazine, MAG-PIE  (pied piper leading the children away) gave each other open access to criminal friends (or the elites the ability to have a wider circle of people to throw under the bus and hide behind). The labour government was extremely pro-PIE, including Harriet Harman, who met her husband Jack Dromey working for the NCCL for nine years, but apparently did not know what she was often supporting.

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