Mother’s Day Thoughts







Mother’s Day is coming up and with all the billboards, commercials and overall hype everywhere, it’s hard for it to be ignored. Why would anyone want to ignore such a “holiday” ? Well, for many women, it’s a day of dredging up negative emotions rather than a day of celebration.


Most people take for granted that everyone has a mother/child relationship worth celebrating. That is just not so, unfortunately, especially for a lot of women who choose to live for this cause of securing the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Some of us have lost our children by court order due to our beliefs, some of us have lost our children due to the children deciding they prefer the degenerate society to our “cultish” beliefs , some of us have been disowned by our own mothers because of our beliefs. Then there are some of us who lost mothers to deaths, or lost children to deaths.

I constantly see internet posts from young women who have yet to experience being a mother to teenage and adult children, saying “raise your kids right and they will share your beliefs” , etc,etc. While that sounds magnificent, I have seen many two parent pro-white families have at least one child leave the home and turn anti. Our children are not robots and while we can do our best to show our children the facts and that we aren’t just pulling our beliefs out of the air, we are given no guarantees that our children will hold on to our beliefs and fight as we fight for our future generations.

If you come across a woman who has lost her kids or her mother, or both,  due to her beliefs, instead of looking at her with contempt, see her for how truly strong she is, for she has given up all that a woman holds dear, to be in this fight.

This movement is not for the weak, if you are truly in this to see it to the end, you will have to make sacrifices, mostly sacrifices of the heart.Some of us have lost everything that society can take from us, but some of us have also forged new families from the people who know first hand what it means to be in this cause, not just online, but in real life.

Sisters, if you are going through hardships, know that you are definitely not alone, and while no one can replace the children and mothers who are removed from you, know that you have sisters standing with you, and we have older women in the movement who are more than happy to forge surrogate mother/daughter relationships.

Keep your heads up ladies and keep moving forward, we will prevail despite the bumps in the road. We have to keep lifting each other up when one of us stumbles upon the bump. We will leave no sister behind who has sacrificed so much.




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