High School Science Experiment Leads To Scary But Important Discovery

Nwo Report

Five 9th grade girls are receiving international acclaim for their simple but important science experiment.

Five 9th grade girls from Northern Jutland, Denmark, did a science experiment for biology class. The experiment involved growing cress seeds in two separate rooms. The result is a shocking lesson in the dangers of radiation from common electronic devices.

Their method went like this— 400 cress seeds were divided between 12 trays. The trays were divided in half and six were placed in one room, and six placed in a separate room. The rooms were kept at the same temperature, and all the trays received the same amount of water and sunlight for 12 days.

The only difference between the locations? One set of trays was placed next to two WiFi routers. The cress seeds in the trays by the router did not grow, and most were mutated or dead. The seeds grown…

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