Psychiatry – Mental Illness For All


Windows On The World

Published on May 7, 2017 This show features Daryl and Sian from Speak out against psychiatry. The show looks at how mental illness is defined and the corporate side of mental health.

Psychiatry the Fraud – 2006

Psychiatric Drugs Kill the Lives of Those Who Take Them

Speak Out Against Psychiatry

Luga Longarm
The Nature Of Depression Via Social Conditioning Environmental Destruction – Depressions is a created illness from environmental factors which undermine us as we pass through life. The behaviours of others from our birth damage us, as they was, passing on to us the infected constructs of conditioning; systems of control which undermine the sense of the developing self, as well as unnatural foods which our bodies do not understand, radiation which was not present on this planet until recently, wifi, as well as the chemical poisoning of our environments, pesticides and…

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