A single gene has been linked with being a psychopath


With enough research touching on the taboo subject of race, it might be proved conclusively that a high percentage of blacks carry the MAOA-L gene, the gene that allegedly is associated with psychopathy.

If we knew that a black newborn carried the psychopath gene, would it be wise to kill it or try to develop a vaccine to prevent the psychopathic behaviors that would come later? Alternatively, should carriers of the psychopath gene be sterilized so that it cannot be passed along to new generations?

Morality and science mix when it comes to some genetic traits and the modern push for eugenics.

Here’s what we know:

Business Insider

As of yet, no single factor can explain what causes people to behave in ways labeled psychopathic. But research suggests our genes may play a role.

One gene in particular is linked with an increased risk of violent or aggressive behavior, studies…

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One thought on “A single gene has been linked with being a psychopath

  1. Personally I believe in eugenics! We breed thoroughbred horses very carefully and many other species too, so why not apply this “science” to humans as well. Over time we could eliminate diseases, abhorrent behavior and many negative traits of humans. Of course I know the left will call me a “Nazi” but I could care less what these morons think of me. Screw their love of diversity with all its warts and cancers, we must always focus on the greater good for all people.

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