Spooke Me! Part 4: A look inside the South African Military and Intelligence Services Since the End of Apartheid

The Roper Report

Widely called the Great Oxymoron because soldiers are regarded as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, Military Intelligence is tasked with collecting, analyzing and disseminating militarily relevant information to those who need it to plan or execute operations. To that end, they attempt to penetrate or recruit assets in the armed forces of nations their own has interest in and seek data on morale, equipment, organization, effectiveness of troops and leaders, order of battle, strategic plans, nature of relationships between political and military leaders, as well as professional and psychological profiles of relevant officers. On the flip side of the coin, they also protect their own armed forces from foreign attempts to do the same and check for internal security risks and leaks.

How they do their job ranges from the sophisticated to something as simple as reading foreign newspapers and magazines. In World War I, German intelligence got the fright of their lives…

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