Children and medical care


So, granted, this article is not current, but in 2010 “Per capita spending on children’s health care rose to $2,123 in 2010, an 18.6 percent increase from 2007. Spending on health care for infants and toddlers was disproportionately high. Although children under 3 years comprised 17 percent of the covered child population, 31.4 percent of the total children’s health care dollars was spent on them in 2010. Per capita spending for this age group reached $3,896 in 2010. At the same time, teenagers had the highest rate of per capita spending growth, rising 22.3 percent between 2007-2010, with more money going toward prescription drugs and outpatient care.””

A sister and I were discussing the seeming rise of health issues of  infants, particularly newborns, and how it seems like an overwhelming amount of them are having to have surgeries, whether its heart surgery or lung issues, or hernias, it seems like way too many babies are undergoing surgical procedures. That got us to wondering why? Why are so many babies and children having surgery, is it because of medical advancement so we are just hearing about it more? Is it because the doctors just want ways to make more money? Are the mothers not taking care of themselves during pregnancy and so the babies are suffering for their neglect?

I have been trying to research the root of the problem, and I can’t seem to find the answers yet, I can’t even find vague statistics… I wonder why that is?

Surely my sister and I are not the only ones concerned about this… So, if you have any input, we would much appreciate it.



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