Andrew Anglin & The Daily Stormer – A Timeline of Deception

Heathen Women

Andrew Anglin, the self professed White Nationalist / National Socialist pretends that he is a pro-white, pro-traditional, anti-feminism male. He loudly professes his hatred for jews and everything they represent. His website features articles geared towards white nationalism… or at least that is what he wants you to believe. Here are some juicy facts that many of you are not aware of (or maybe you are but you just do not see the whole picture). Back in 2012 Andrew has an online interview where he publicly declares several disturbing things… well they are disturbing to anyone who is a true WN. This video recording has been removed SEVERAL times from the internet, from YouTube especially mainly due to “copyright infringement” but alas the internet is forever… too bad for Anglin, the truth lives on. Anyway back in 2012 (not sure of the exact month)

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