New Orleans takes down 3rd Confederate-era monument


One thought on “New Orleans takes down 3rd Confederate-era monument

  1. No matter what or how you feel in these cases…nationwide. Remember that these are graven images, and not to be worshiped. Yes they represent history, yes they represent a country that is no longer celebrated or even practiced anymore, probably henceforth. But remember this. Communists always burn the statues first, then the books, then the teachers… This pitiful excuse of a country is allowing it’s own history to be rewritten. It’s founding culture to be destroyed. Yes destroyed. The communist wants and needs the founding culture destroyed to gain and maintain control.

    The nigger and the race traitor whites are just useful pawns, which in the game of chess, always go first. And once their usefulness is absorbed and spent the will be removed via a “night of the long knives–Hitler or another great purge-Stalin”.

    We have a few choices–I shall leave out hunkering down til the tipping point of open civil war 2 (or actually Revwar 3).
    1. Bash these arrogant pricks in the mouth, as a first response to their insular behavior. The nigger likes to fight as a group against single numbers of whites (shows their knowledge of inferiority). And keep driving.
    2. Start severely injuring or killing the politicians and the media that push this shit on society. Once they start taking casualties, this will stop, trust me. Their cannon fodder pawns are designed to be wasted but their communist cadre are not expendable. And keep at that until communism is only practiced in hell.


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