Good News: Mixed Race Marriages On The Rise, New Study Shows.

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

I don’t mean to be unnecessarily cruel, but I’ve been seeing a lot more cases of Down’s Syndrome and other severe congenital birth defects walking around lately. In the past, when people lived healthier lives, were more active and ate healthier foods and took less pharmaceuticals, their seed was healthier. They had fewer pollutants, artificial steroids and hormones, and other contaminants crippling their swimmers. And, they married and reproduced earlier, when women weren’t scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel in terms of eggs, either.

But it’s more than that, really. People understood that eugenics, or purposeful, conscious and selective breeding, is just as real for two legged animals as it is for any other variety. They strove for quality in their offspring, which meant that they strove for quality in their mates, whether they were selecting breeding partners for themselves, or as was often the case…

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