111 terminally ill patients took their own lives in first 6 months of Calif. right-to-die law

California (June 2016 – December 2016):

—59 percent of those who died using a lethal prescription had cancer.

—46 percent of those who died were male

—90 percent who died were white, 3 percent Latino and 5 percent Asian

—58 percent who died had a bachelor’s degree or higher

—57 percent who died had Medicare, Medicaid or another type of government insurance; 31 percent had private insurance; 4 percent were uninsured

—The rate of lethal prescription deaths was 6 per 10,000 total deaths in the state.

In Oregon (January 2016 – December 2016):

—79 percent of those who died using a lethal prescription had cancer.

—54 percent of those who died were male

—96 percent who died were white, 1.5 percent Latino and 1.5 percent Asian

—50 percent who died had a bachelor’s degree or higher

—70 percent who died had Medicare, MediRead more herecaid or another type of government insurance; 30 percent had private insurance; fewer than 1 percent were uninsured.

—The rate of lethal prescription deaths was 37 per 10,000 total deaths in the state.




New book on Richard Scutari: “Unbroken Warrior”.

New book on Richard Scutari: “Unbroken Warrior”.

The Roper Report

Book review by Billy Roper

One of the faults which many find with the Alt Right millennials is that they are disconnected from the history of the White Nationalist movement. They may use the number “14” to be edgy, and some of them may even know the fourteen words, but a surprising percentage of them know little about their author, David Lane, or The Order itself, not to mention its other members.

In order to know where they going, though, people need to know where they came from. If they wish to avoid attempting to re-invent the wheel, then it would serve all White Nationalists to familiarize themselves with the great men who came before us: for example, Pastor Richard Butler, Dr. William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, and yes, Adolf Hitler. We need to read their writings, research their lives, and learn from both their successes, as well as their…

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Change for Morons

Change for Morons

Aryan Skynet

How many of you voted for ‘change’ in the last election? I estimate it is about the same number of people who voted for ‘change’ when they voted for Obama (and Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush, Sr, etc, etc, etc). You all keep voting for ‘change’, yet what do you get?

You truly thought that thru every one of these lying bastards’ words spoken, that ‘change’ would come. That wars for Israel would stop. That the neocons and war hawks would be taken down.

At my personal blog I explained that Obama was simply a black Bush, that there was no real discernible difference except on the SJW areas of divide. In this past election, myself (and the excellent writers here at Aryan Skynet) took great amounts of time and effort to point out what is really easily discernible: that Trump doesn’t have an honest, principled bone in his body…

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New titles available at Patriotic Dissent Books

Recent arrivals to the Patriotic Dissent Books Inventory:

Hitler: Madman or Genius? How Hitler Consolidated Power in Germany and Launched a Social Revolution by Leon Degrelle

Price: $5.95

From the first page:

I. Who Would End the Bankruptcy?

“We have the power. Now our gigantic work begins.”

Those were Hitler’s words on the night of January 30, 1933, as cheering crowds surged past him, for five long hours, beneath the windows of the Chancellery in Berlin.

His political struggle had lasted 14 years. He himself was 43, that is, physically and intellectually at the peak of his powers. He had won over millions of Germans and organized them into Germany’s largest and most dynamic political party, a party girded by a human rampart of hundreds of thousands of storm troopers, three fourths of them members of the working class. He had been extremely shrewd. All but toying with his adversaries, Hitler had, one after another, vanquished them all.

Standing there at the window, his arm raised to the delirious throng, he must have known a feeling of triumph. But he seemed
almost torpid, absorbed, as if lost in another world.

It was a world far removed from the delirium in the street, a world of 65 million citizens who loved him or hated him, but
all of whom, from that night on, had become his responsibility. And as he knew – as almost all Germans knew at the of January 1933 – that this was a crushing, an almost desperate responsibility.

Half a century later, few people understand the crisis Germany faced at that time. Today, it’s easy to assume that
Germans have always been well-fed and even plump. But the Germans Hitler inherited were virtual skeletons.

Published by The Journal for Historical Review, under the auspices of Ernst Zündel.

Paperback booklet, 72 pp

To purchase a copy of this book, click here.

The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel by Jack Bernstein

Price: $4.95

Unlike most American Jews, whose support for Israel is limited to words and money, Jack Bernstein actually “returned” to the “Jewish homeland” not as a tourist, or for a summer visit but to live and die in Israel as a committed builder of the Jewish nation. As he explains here in this punchy and persuasive booklet, his idealism soon turned to disillusionment. He takes the reader on a guided tour of Israel’s history, institutions and values. He exposes Israel’s sham and hypocrisy, revealing its oppressive, racist, militaristic, and parasitic character.

Bernstein speaks above all to the deceived and misguided American people, whose money, toil and blood sustain the
Zionist state. As long as the US continues to support Israel, he prophetically warns, there will be no end to war in the Middle East, strife between Jews and non-Jews, and the brutal oppression of Palestinians.

Paperback booklet, 48 pp

To purchase a copy of this book, click here.

Auschwitz: Truth or Lie by Thies Christophersen

Price: $3.95

“Auschwitz: Truth or Lie. An Eyewitness Report” has received wide publicity in Europe as an underground best seller and as a newspaper headliner.

The Canadian publisher realizes the opinions in this book are diametrically opposed to those being promoted and commonly held by the majority of people. However, the reading public has the right to read this eyewitness report from Auschwitz and to see the photographs taken by the author whist in that camp.

Reports from the International Red Cross book Camps de Concentration en Allemagne (1939-1945) bear out the truth of Thies Christophersen’s statements. Excerpts from the Red Cross book are included in this book. (Copies of Camps de Concentration en Allemagne can be obtained from Geneva.

A young, German Lawyer, Herr Manfred Roeder of Bensheim, Roonstr. 8, West Germany, despite great opposition and much persecution, made possible the publication of the German edition, and his courage and dedication is to be commended.

-The Publisher

Paperback booklet, 24 pp

To purchase a copy of this book, click here.

To view our full inventory of Pro-White, National Socialist, and ‘politically incorrect’ books, please visit our website. We periodically add new titles, so please check back often for new arrivals.



Accept LGBTQ (rstuv?) Or Else!

Bre Faucheux

We believe in absolute freedom of association… unless you don’t like gays and don’t want them to adopt children.Then you’re a bigot.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) will bar state employees from business trips to four states after those states passed measures limiting the rights of LGBT people.

The new restrictions prohibit state-funded or state-sponsored travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota, Becerra said Thursday. 

State legislators in Texas, Alabama and South Dakota this year passed new laws allowing adoption or foster parent agencies to refuse service to LGBT families. A new Kentucky law would allow student organizations at state schools to block LBGT people from membership.

California’s Democrat-dominated legislature passed a measure last year barring state-funded travel to states that allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Already, the law has blocked employee travel to four other states — Kansas, Mississippi, North…

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